A great book written by a Portuguese author

I don't think this book has been translated yet, but it's a pity because it's one of my favorite books ever.

You can read more about it in English in the author's website: click here to go there

O Anjo Branco - The White Angel (info from Wook)
- José Rodrigues dos Santos 

Edition: 2010 
Pages: 680 
Editor (Portugal): Gradiva Publicações 
ISBN: 9789896163907

Overview (from author's website):

The life of José Branco changed the day he walked into that unknown village lost somewhere in the heart of Africa, and witnessed a terrible event.
José was a doctor who, having decided to live in Mozambique in the 1960s, was confronted with unbelievable health problems amongst the African population. Committed to perform his duties to the best of his abilities, he came up with a revolutionary idea to take health where there was none: the Flying Doctors’ Service.
Travelling daily in his little airplane, José crossed a vast territory to bring help to the remotest regions of the Portuguese colony in Eastern Africa. His work drew attention and soon the doctor who came from the sky dressed in white became a legend in the bush.
They called him o anjo branco. The white angel.
But war broke out in Mozambique and, one day, while performing another of his sanitary missions in the bush, he came across the darkest Portuguese secret in Africa.
Based on real events, and showcasing a cast worthy of a Hollywood major production, The White Angel establishes itself as the mightiest novel on the Portuguese Colonial War ever written – and, above all, a remarkable, profound testimony on the fading days of the Portuguese empire in Africa.

My opinion:
I started reading this book after Christmas, on the year 2010 (like always, my family gives me a book for Christmas, and that year one of my uncles gave me this one). And after all this time it's hard for me to find a book that pleases me as much as this one.
In the begging I was kind of afraid it was too boring or confusing, but that isn't true at all. I couldn't stop reading it. The way the author tells the story makes us want to know more and more. He can connect the main character's life to the event around him really well, in a way that is not confusing at all.
When I read the overview and saw the cover I expected another type of story; I couldn't image all the real facts about war so well described and connected to the main character's life. I imagined a story about a doctor missioner or something like that who goes to Africa to help people, with the war as a background, but nothing more. But let me tell you that the story is even better!
And the ending... I wasn't really expecting to read what I read, and it made the story even more valuable.
With a simple writing  with no frills and only with the necessary descriptions, the story will be unfolding in a slow, gentle way, but which is necessary and not boring. José Rodrigues dos Santos knows how to tell a story, he knows how to connect the historical facts with fiction. I've read five books of this author, and this one is, without a doubt, my favorite one, and it's also one of my favorite books ever.
I highly recommend it, and I hope it will be soon translated into English, so it can be read by people that don't understand Portuguese.

My rating: